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The Suburban Achiever of the Week will be given to the LLSB family member that best exemplifies "Dudeness", the basic tenent that the LLSB was founded upon. 



Suburban Achiever of the Week

Michael "G." Gernant, is a suburban achiever in every sense of the word. The defenition of "Super-fan", Gernant did not miss one Lebowski game last summer.
This summer however, Gernant, who has relocated to Manhattan, could very well miss a good portion of the season. Negotiations are in progress to keep this him in Scarsdale for the season, as Commissioner Phil Foley is expected to rule on the eligibility of a fan as being slapped with the "franchise player" tag.
No word yet from Foley's office on the matter.
Gernant, optimistic he'll return with the LLSB this season, is in the middle of a rigorous training regiment at his compound in Daytona Beach, Fla.
Reportedly, last year's Most Valueable Fan has been getting ready for the season by drinking copious amounts of alcohol and yelling at the television to prepare his vocal chords.