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Well, I know I promised you guys the All Time video game sports teams list this week, but I'm SWAMPED with work for midterms and I don't have time to write complete sentences. Coupled with my intense desire NOT to write about the World Series which may or may not have occured yet ( i really don't know) i'm traveling back to the world of football, for some good old fashioned NFL Ramblings.
I don't know what makes me feel older; Emmit in Arizona, The demise of the Oakland Raiders, or the fact that Full House is now on Nick at Nite.
I just wanted to mention, in case anyone didn't know, that when Steve Buerlein was injured in Monday night's game, he was replaced by none other than ex-Giant Danny Kannell. Infact, Kannell is going to be Denver's week 8 starter. The fact that this guy will be starting an NFL game is further proof that God is dead.
I've been dissapointed in MNF this year, if only for the reason that they haven't topped last years vignettes about LaVarr Arrington's chess room or Ray Lewis' mink coats. I think this week they need to follow David Boston into a children's hospital just to watch him steal pain killers from young cancer patients. Seriously, this needs to happen.
This year's Giants team is strikingly similar to the ESU Wildcats in the movie "The Program". You have the Alcoholic Quarterback who Can't Handle the Pressure (Collins) The Painfully White-Black Running Back ( Barber) and The Crazy White Dude with Wierd Hair and Anger Problems (Shockey). The only real difference is that while ESU was being coached by Sonny Corleone, we got stuck with Fredo.
While we are talking about the Godfather, is it just me, or is sideline reporter Tony Siragusa slowly turning into a more comical version of mumbling hit-man Luca Brazzi?
 (Seriously, listening to Sirigusa talk is about as painful as watching anything Dana Carvey has done in the last 6-7 years, including that pringles commercial.)
The best proof that the NFC East is the weakest division in football is that the first place team is led by Quincy Carter and Troy Hambrick.
Does any NFL Rookie have a better name than Sideeq Shabazz?  well, maybe Situpe Peko
You know your career is in trouble when you are only starting because "Gus Gus" Ferotte is injury. and yes, I'm talking about you, Duante.
Now that the Tommy Maddox era in Pittsburgh is nearly over, it'll be fun to hear the words "Starting at Quarterback . . .  Charlie Batch!"
On a side note, I think the NFL Quarterback Club Comic Book should be reinstated with Chaz Batch, Jake Delhomme, Danny Kanell, and Quincy Carter as the principle characters. Their first mission would be to stop Gio Carmazzi and Bobby Joe Hebert  from retiring.
Whenever the Dolphins play the Steelers, I wonder if Dave Wannstedt and Bill Cowher get together to rehash on their careers as 70's porn stars and trade moustache maitenence techniques.
I wonder if Jet's fans ever reminsice fondly on the Al Groh era.
Speaking of the Jets, I would like to buy stock that in 4 weeks, when the Jets are 2-8, Herman Edwards is going to unleash a tirade directed towards Jet fans that would make     proud. (Half the f*cking world has jobs, the other half f*cking comes here. It's just a playground for all the c*cksuckers!)
Whoever decided to sign Kordell Stewart in Chicago must be directly related to the TV exec who decides to keep giving Norm MacDonald sitcoms on ABC.
And if you think i'm being harsh, just remember, Dat's only in the mornin'. You should be up cooking breakfast or something

Norm and Kordell. Both waiting for the inevitable

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